Friday, March 30, 2012

rocker? maybe...

Ok enough Polyvore - promise! You know how it is when you discover something new? You sort of go overboard.
rocker? maybe...

Hope you all have a great weekend!  xo Lovely NW

dark look

This would be my outfit for a day I wanted to sport all black (that seems to be a lot of days...) I really like the look of gold/brass and black together with just a touch of color. I think the jacket and boots add some "edge" I am always wanting and the bag and accessories make it look expensive.
dark look

I really wish I had this outfit! I need some "edge" in my life and wardrobe haha.


I've seen Polyvore outfit montages on Pinterest about a gazillion times. I always like them and wonder if I should make my own. Today I did! Here is my first attempt at putting together an outfit (of mostly items I, unfortunately, do not own.) I will post my "dark outfit" montage next!

outfit 1

Do you use Polyvore? Do you like creating "outfits" for fun? or in your daily life?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

o.m.g many months, heck years, I finally got my laptop working! No more blog posts from the iPad!!       Once I get some things figured out on here (updated the software, too!) I will continue to post and bring Lovely NW back to life.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have no idea what to post about anymore. If you have ideas of what you would like to see, what you think I'm good at and want to hear more about, please leave a comment. I need blog ideas so I can get back in to this!!