Friday, August 12, 2011


I told you all a while back that I wanted to start to post some DIY ideas from around the web. Back when I was taking good care of this blog, I was just starting out with this feature...but then it all went to the back burner. Now it's back and I think today's DIY is the perfect one to start with. It comes from Design Sponge and the bbb craft sisters!

A recycled road map cork board! The minute I saw this DIY I said to myself "you have to make this!" I will of course attempt to make a Washington and a Texas.

This DIY would be a fabulous idea for gifts, your craft room or really...any room! Click HERE to head to Design Sponge and see the DIY instructions and materials!

Have a great DIY of your own? Send it over and maybe I'll post it!

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