Tuesday, August 9, 2011

adventures in soap-making

A couple of months ago Sandra approached me about trying to make soap. You see, a couple of years ago I made some simple soap for little favors at my wedding. It was fun to create  and since then I have played with making more here and there. Now that Sandra and I are stepping in to a real crafting business venture together, I decided I should learn how to make the real thing. Soap from scratch. No melt and pour from the craft store. The minute I mentioned this to Chris, he was on board, too.  For a month now, we've been playing with a re-batch soap base. What re-batch means is we've taken a "from scratch" soap base produced by someone else, grated it down to melt and put in our own additives. This was a great way get started and play with "flavors" so to speak. Last week, we took another step in making soap from scatch - really from scratch- and that means playing with lye! "EEP" I thought. But look how it turned out!

It's so beautiful in person. It's this wonderful cream color with a beautiful odor. It has to cure for about four weeks before it's ready to use but I am seriously so excited to see where this can go. In the coming months, look for our simple handmade soaps to be for sale in the Lonely Quail shop!

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Brittany Cornett said...

that soap is so pretty!