Friday, May 13, 2011


Guys, I really really want to blog more. I am inspired daily by all the other blogs I read and feel sad at the fact I hardly ever get around to blogging myself. With the lack of my laptop (still!!) and working 40+ hours a week (I'm currently the Interim Store Manager!) I hardly have time to breathe let alone blog.

This is my solemn promise to you- This summer I will make a conscious effort to make a blogging schedule, blog those ideas and become part of the blog world yet again.

Some possible posts to look forward to this Summer : my road trip out to Boise to visit Sandra and Colin in their new city!  A few days in the San Juan Islands with the in-laws, Day-Tripper posts featuring the Pacific NW (and my parents!), knitting, inspiration and "here is what I did this week" restaurant and stuff posts.

See you all soon!
Lovely NW