Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've got the Autumn chills...

Fall has been in full swing for about a month here in the Pac NW. Trees are orange, yellow and shades of red, the air is crisp and breezy and I can hear old man winter just around the corner saying "hahah...coooooold weather and gloom is in store!" (I'm ignoring him for now - and he won't get me down anyway!! Chrismas makes up for the gloom and I can handle cold...) Anyway, I wanted to share a little snapshot of the tiny tree I took a picture of yesterday. Are the trees beautiful where you are?

Today is my day off! So I am off to enjoy my coffee, finish that baby blanket I'm knitting for my mom (she's giving it as a gift NOT having a baby...haha) and possibly a movie date with myself?

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JEANifer. said...

aww i miss coffee and movie dates with you! :) come home soon. or i need to come visit soon. hehe.