Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Blog of the Month!

Even though I'm lax in my posting as of late, I still have time to squeeze in my Blog of the Month post! And you're December Blog of the Month is......(drum rolling....)

Urban Weeds!!

Urban Weeds is a Portland based style blog that features "in the moment" pictures of real Portland people (mostly focusing on their style.) One day I was browsing the blog after a month or so of not looking and I saw my friend Helen! She's in my knitting group!

I enjoy looking at this site - some people's outfits inspire me and others make me laugh. People REALLY take themselves too seriously sometimes... Anyway, enjoy looking at Urban Weeds! I know I do.

Ps - I will post a blog button when I can - my computer hates me right now and isn't letting me. Darn you Ubuntu!

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