Friday, August 20, 2010

ink inspiration

my head is about to explode with new tattoo ideas. it's been a couple years since my last and I'm ready for some serious ink!


I have been thinking about a Matryoshka doll for a long time. Here is what I'm thinking...a red-head, maybe keeping the cat idea (my kitty would be grey naturally) and having a banner underneath saying "Lolly" or "Lamby"- what my parents called me when I was a kid. I'm thinking of getting this on my left shin.

Most of you know that I love gnomes. I found this awesome tattoo earlier. It depicts the type of gnome I'd want - not too cartoony and legit looking. I have no intention of getting a gnome this large, but I would like to do sort of a David the Gnome tattoo. David the gnome hung out with a fox most I would love to have a decent sized, pretty real but whimsical looking fox tattoo with a little gnome guy added in. These guys would go on my arm somewhere.


In addition to these, Sandra and I plan on getting some Quail tattoo's together. I also want the quail to look real but whimsical - not like my arm stepped out of a rednecks camo jacket. The quail, will of course represent Tucson and Sandra. This guy will go on my arm somewhere - maybe back of my forearm?


Third is a floral. For years I've wanted a spider mum in teal. Now I'm thinking oranges. This will go on the inside of my left wrist and I'd like this flower to be pretty big so it will stand out nicely and not look like a tiny orange blob on my wrist! another big flower contender is a Peony!! They are so feminine it's hard to not change my mind!

And last but not really lasts, I would like a simple outline of Texas on the outside of my wrist. I think this would be a neat place and a simple/ subtle way to pay homage to my home.

Ok, so what about you? Any new tattoos or ideas lately??


sandra pope said...

ok, love love love them all!!!
I just told CoJo I wanted a gnome!! I did leave a spot for our quails. AND I have been wanting an outline of PA, CA, FL,Cuba and AZ for a long time now. I had originally wanted it as a belt around my waist. But maybe little ones down my calf. or around my empty elbow on my right arm.

eeeeek! I hope you get them!

ps, we should get the quails when you are home for the wedding.

Rachel said...

I really love the Matryoshka doll idea... I don't have any tattoos, but I love seeing what other people choose to get!

JEANifer. said...

i love all those ideas! i can't wait to get some more ink soon. i need to come visit and we should go together. :)

kayla! said...

i still want to get a compass, but i don't know exactly what i want it to look like so i need to really think about it.

also..i just read this book where they talk about overcoming the labyrinth of life means loving someone enough that you forigve them for all their crap. (really bad description, but i like it.) so i was thinking about a heart with a maze in it.

ashley is getting a really awesome mermaid as a cap sleeve.