Thursday, June 17, 2010

Travel Tips!

While preparing for my upcoming trip to California, I got to thinking about my travel habits. Naturally, that evolved into an idea for a post - Travel Tips! Here are a few of my tips for safe, stress-free travel.

1) To keep your personal things (money, passport, etc.) safe, do not pack them all in one place. Keep some of your cash on you during the day and another stash of cash in your suitcase at the hotel. That way, if you lose your purse or your suitcase ends up in Timbuktu, you at least have SOME of your money accessible. There is nothing worse than getting pick-pocketed in Rome and not having any back up cash at the hotel. Also, make a copy of your passport and keep that in a safe place (a copy at home, too!) in your suitcase. Always keep your hardcopy passport on you, securely. I know this sounds geeky - but invest in a travel purse/bag that is thief-proof. A bag that someone can not slice open or steal off of your chair (they have straps with clasps!) will keep your personal belongings safe. Trust me, the last thing you want is to deal with a stolen passport. During domestic travel you can leave your passport at home but still consider stashing your money in a few different places just in case the unthinkable happens!

2) Take tons of pictures! Not all of them will turn out but if you don't take enough you might not come out with any great pictures showcasing your trip! Always buy batteries/film before you leave home. Vacation hot spots (especially Europe) sell these items with extreme mark-ups! Don't get ripped off!

3) Call your traveling buddies and each of you compare a list of things you are bringing. There is no need to both bring a hair dryer - takes up space! Share items that you can - that way you have more room for souvieniers!

Ok, so maybe I don't have a billion travel tips, but I just wanted to share a few that have really helped me prepare and enjoy traveling!

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