Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soap! part 2

Well, I didn't end up making soap on Saturday night. Instead we watched more True Blood to get ready for Season 3 premiere (so excited!) So, after work yesterday I decided to go on a movie date with myself to see Letters to Juliet (cute! (ps - I like to use parentheses today)) and make soap afterward. What I always have used when making soap is a ready made soap base bought at any craft store (I usually get the shea butter or goats milk kind) and experiment with other ingredients like apricot seeds, essential oils and tea. Yesterday I made shea butter soap with apricot seeds and raspberry zinger tea. Here is how they turned out!

I was hoping the raspberry tea would make the soap pink/red but that didn't happen. Tea always makes soap grey no matter what. I will keep experimenting until I get it right. Dyes perhaps? Nevertheless, the soaps turned out great and with a nice hint of raspberry zinger and nice little apricot seed scrubbers. You can never exfoliate too much during the summer!

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