Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitting for Summer!

When you think of a blanket, garment or scarf that has been knitted, what first comes to mind? Maybe cold weather? Or wool? Well that is what most of us associate with knitting - wooly mittens and scarves or large throws that keep us warm in winter. But did you know there are fun knitting ideas for Summer?! Here are just a few I came across online this week.

source and free pattern

source and free pattern

source and free pattern

source and free pattern

I hope these images and ideas from Lion Brand Yarn inspire you to knit this summer. I plan to try my hand at the Felted Sea Scarf (last image) so I can enjoy it during the chilly NW nights. 


kayla! said...

i love the sea scarf! wish i had one for jersey next week. the shore's gonna be mighty chilly at night.

[i'll be thinking about our weekend in galveston when i'm on the beach!]

Brittany Cornett said...

ooh i like that bag. i need to learn i only know how to crochet.