Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY Iced Mocha

I am probably not giving you all enough credit for being creative, but I wanted to post my recipe for my Iced Mocha. You might read this and go "duh." but just humor me - read on!

I enjoy coffee like no other, so the other day I finally decided to try and make a light flavored iced mocha that I could drink all summer to keep me cool. Here is what you need!

Chocolate Syrup
1 or 2 shots espresso (make it as strong as you like)
2% milk (or Soy - I think it's gross with Skim)
Instrument for stirring

-Prepare in a glass: ice, half a glass of milk and chocolate syrup. Make sure you have a glass that can withstand hot liquid hitting cold - you don't want to pick up shattered glass.
-Stir milk, ice and chocolate until it looks well mixed.
-Add in espresso, mix.
-Add more milk/chocolate based upon your tastes.

note - I like to drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top afterward. Whip cream would be great, too!


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