Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want. I NEED!

Just look at the fun bedding Ikea has to offer right now! I need one of these in my life - or maybe two choices would be better ;) About a month ago, one of our cats gagged up a hairball (gross I know...) on the bedspread and ruined it big time. I've waited long enough. Out of these choices, which is your favorite?

So many choices I can't possibly decide!!! I'm sort of in to the large graphics right now but this last picture is just so pretty.  These also make me excited to set up our new house in Tucson!
All images found on Ikea's website!


sandra pope said...

we almost got that top one. but i decided on the blue and green squares instead. i miss you like crazy btw!!!

Brittany Cornett said...

your new house in Tucson? details please!!! i like the one with leaves the best. ooh and I also liked your last post with the dress. i could really spend a whole bunch of money before San Diego on cothes, but alas we are moving and i need to prioritize, a fridge or clothes hmm so hard to decide. maybe justin will let me shop while in San Diego with the girls :>)