Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have, technically, played the flute for almost 18 years! Music was a huge part of my life from 6th grade until I graduated college. I was a drum-major in high school, had lots of auditions and was a flute performance minor in college.

I found myself thinking the other day "why haven't I played my flute regularly in years?" I can't believe I let one of the most important and natural talents I have fall to the wayside.  So this weekend I decided to pick up my flute and start practicing again, regularly, and not let my music slip away! Having something you are good at and can be proud of is a part of life everyone should experience! What is an old hobby or talent you have that you want to revive?


my name is lauren. said...

i don't really have any natural talents. i've sort of given up snowboarding which i used to do a lot, but that's just mainly because i realized how much i hate the cold :). good luck with the flute practice!

sandra pope said...

i use to love singing. i did it all growing up from grade 4- until i graduated high school. it would be nice to get back into it.

kayla! said...

i pulled out my clog shoes from when i was about 7 last night. but i wasn't really good at it so maybe not.

but i WISH i had time to join community theater.