Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day Trip!

Today hubby and I decided to take a day trip to Mt. Saint Helens. You can see the volcano from our street and can get a great view from our rooftop, but we've never made the drive to actually see the mountain up close! Since the weather was kind today we decided to make the drive!

Before reaching the farthest lookout we could get to (without doing an actual mountain climb!) we stopped to take some pretty nature pictures on a trail.

After a minute of trying to find a four leaf clover, we headed up to one of the next lookouts to snap a few pictures. Pictures do not do Helens justice. It is massively big, beautiful and snowy!

We dove a bit longer and stopped to take a look around a few more lookouts. Then we finally made it in to the "blast zone." From our apartment you see the font side of Helens but from today's angle you see exactly where the blast happened. It pretty much took away the whole back half of the volcano.

We were really close and it was beautiful! Again, pictures do not do anything justice. We were so close and Helens was so big! After a few more pictures we headed back down to stop at a Bigfoot shop we'd seen earlier.

We picked up a few funny shirts for gifts and were on our way home! A nice day trip for anyone living in the Pacific NW!

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Brittany Cornett said...

biggest ash-hole ha ha! love the picture of the three leaf clovers. I remember spending hours as a kid looking for a four leaf one. Today was Susie's son John's graduation party. we missed you. Susie had way too much food but it was good, baggins and eegees. Tomorrow we pick up left overs from Michelle cant wait!