Thursday, May 27, 2010

Canvas Pop

I just love days when I stumble across a cool find on the internet. I swear most days I feel like I've reached the end of the internet and there is nothing else cool to see. Well today I came across Canvas Pop!

Canvas Pop is a cool service where you can upload a personal image and they place it on a giclee canvas for you to enjoy! Canvas art has become really popular over the past few years, so wouldn't it be better to have an image of your own on your all? Not some big box image everyone else might have?

Here are a few samples from their ideas gallery!

I have so many ideas now!! My inspiration has come back! I am definitely drawn to the three panel option. What images and panels would you use?


sandra pope said...

omg! i love this idea too!!! i think i will try to get one of Colin and I from the oregon coast

JEANifer. said...

yess! i love the 3 panels too!

Brittany Cornett said...

i checked out their website and there is a picture of a little girl lying on the beach that I love and also one in the bathroom of a mom and a baby at least i think that is what it is. I would love to use this one day.