Monday, May 10, 2010

blog of the month!

Hey ya'll - I've decided to do a little "feature" each month of a blog I think you all should check out! I will do a little post about my pick for blog of the month summing up what their blog is about, etc. I will also place their button in the left hand column so you can easily go back and check out their blog again and again!

For my first blog of the month, I have chosen Decor8! I decided to check out Decor8 after many of the other blogs I read kept going on and on about how great it was - and they were right! I was blown away by the first article I read - Brass Razoo Shop Tour. The picture below (taken from Decor8) will give you a glimpse of the beauty found in the daily posts!

Along with inspiring DIY posts, blog features and decorating tips, Decor8 offers online classes about blogging. Check out Decor8 today and get inspired!

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