Thursday, April 8, 2010

with just a click of your mouse...

Just felt like posting some fun links today! (and in multi colors for kicks)

Nesting Doll shirt I MUST have! - found via dainty squid

Fun project that I plan on trying in a few days! Have the bottles just need to pick the colors

CUTE new NW blog I am following

I love succulents, and would love these in my house!

I've been craving blueberry muffins, and Williams Sonoma has a yummy looking recipe!

Free image/art downloads on Feed Your Soul. Loooove these ;)

Ok, I guess that is all for today! Have a fun Thursday everyone. It's sunny least for now!

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my name is lauren. said...


you commented on my blog the other day, so i wanted to pop over and say hello. you've got a cute little blog :). oh...and thanks for referring us to that other blog. i'm planning to read more, but the girl is adorable, and it's always fun to find other nw bloggers :).

hope you have a great weekend!