Tuesday, April 13, 2010

City Views - Tucson!

Tucson is home. Even though I was born and raised in Texas, I lived in Tucson for 3 years and it quickly became home for me.  It was the making of great friends and spending time with new family that made me feel at home. My husband and I moved to the Pacific NW about 2 years ago and have enjoyed it but our hearts are still in the desert. Here are some pictures of Tucson and surrounding areas!

These pictures were taken during a hike to 7 Falls in Sabino Canyon. Tucson is surrounded by the beautiful Catalina mountains and the Tucson mountains. With tons of hiking and biking trails, the nature enthusiast is bound to find adventure! The Tucson area also offers cave exploring, snow skiing on Mt. Lemmon and lots of critter watching!

Tucson offers great weather most of the year. Yes, it's HOT during the summer, but winter and spring are mild and really enjoyable. It's always sunny and the sunsets are to die for! This picture was taken one spring day just outside of my old apartment. 

More on city life and attractions to come ;)


Brittany Cornett said...

you are such a great photographer! Now that Matt and Erica have a house, Susie's house is free if you want to move back. wink wink.

sandra pope said...

tucson misses you