Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seattle Love part 2.

Aside from Seattle's beautiful parks, skyline and shopping, the city offers amazing food! Weather you like bar food, pizza, steaks or seafood, Seattle hosts some of the best in the country of each!

When visiting Seattle, we normally make a stop at Ivars Seafood Bar on Pier 54. Ivars is a great place to pick up some fish and chips and take a walk along the pier looking at shops and boats.  Also offered is the nice, sit-down Ivars Acers of Clams on Pier 54. With great view of the water, ships and Seattle sites, Ivars is a must when visiting Seattle.
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For a nicer, sit down meal I would suggest Chandlers Crabhouse on Lake Union. We celebrated birthdays there on Monday night and enjoyed a feast of fish, crab, veggies and steak! With the restaurant situated right on the pier at Lake Union, you will enjoy 5-star views, service and food. And don't forget to try the Crab Rockafeller - DANG!

If seafood is not your bag, I would suggest checking out Yelp for local favorites!

One of my true loves in life is coffee and Seattle is my nirvana.  Seattle is filled with local shop favorites like the Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar, Monorail Espresso and Market Spice as well as national favorites Seattle's Best, Tulley's and of course the first Starbucks located in Pike's Market.  Going to the original Starbucks is a must, if even to pick up a mug that you can only get there!

Seattle truly is a trip for your taste buds, shopping habits and camera! Let's hear it for my favorite city EVER - Seattle!!

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