Thursday, March 25, 2010

life changes every 2.5 years

Looking back at my life calendar, I've realized that I go through pretty major changes, on average, every 2.5 years.  Be it changing schools, going to college, getting married, moving two states away or moving a few more states away again.  The moving across the country thing is what stands out the most. It brings up questions in my head as to why? Am I adventurous? Bored? Or am I always chasing some "Jessica's dream" I won't ever really find. I think it's a little of everything.

I am closing in on 2 years since my last move. And guess what? We are moving again!  Moving up to the Portland area has been a prayer answered and challenging a good portion of the time. My honey's job situation is forcing us to reexamine where we should be and what we really want. We want: family,friends, comfort, certainty and a break! We need: a healthy portion of tech/computer jobs, family, friends and comfort. We want: to go back to Tucson. We might: go back to Tucson or go up to Seattle.  Tucson has what we want. Seattle has what we need.  Am I nervous? Sure. Am I excited about what is next? Heck yes!

My head is just swarming with ideas! If we move back to Tucson I plan to spend lots of time with family, jumping into a new blogging and selling venture with Sandra, making new friends and feeling "at home" again. ( Portland has never felt like home.) If we end up in Seattle, I plan to explore a city I love MORE than I've ever cared to explore Portland, spend time finding a job I really want, jumping into  the blogging and selling venture with Sandra and trying my darndest to make Seattle feel like home.

Either way, I have to make a conscious effort to be satisfied.  Be satisfied with my surroundings, circumstances and talents. Lord, give me the patience I need to trust you and be excited about the possibilities! Life is about to take off again and I have no other option but to hang on for the ride.

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Jared said...

This sounds way more finalized than I'd like to read.

As a friend, I feel I should let you know that Nostradamus emailed me and told me that if you move to Seattle/Tucson, you're going to immediately and uncontrollably miss me, realize you've made a horrible mistake, and end up moving back to Portland.